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Welcome New Parishioners

Many new faces grace our parish and we would like to welcome all of those who have recently registered to be part of our parish family! We say a prayer of thanks for your presence and look forward to seeing you at Mass and at all of our parish events.


Do you see someone at Mass you don’t recognize?

Go up and say hello. You may just be the one who welcomes this new member into our Parish Family.


Are You Registered?

Many people who have never formally registered in the parish attend Mass faithfully and consider themselves members. We would like to assist you with baptisms, marriages, and other important needs, but can do so only if we have records on file for you. It takes only a few minutes to fill out a census registration form and become an official member of the Parish of the Nativity of Our Lord. Please call 815-663-3731 or stop by the parish office to register.


Do you receive offertory envelopes?

If you do not receive offertory envelopes, please contact the parish office to sign up. If you already receive the envelopes, please use them. It makes recording the collections much easier and recognizes your contribution at tax time.

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