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Ladies of God's Grace

Next meeting on Thursday, October 14th at 6:30 pm in the parish hall. Bring a friend and ideas to share.

Parish Mission

November 7th to 9th.

Please join us for a parish mission, presented by Fr. Antonio “Tony” Dittmer, on reflections on the life of St. Joseph the Guardian of the Redeemer.  There will be fellowship following in the parish hall each evening.

Click Here for Details.

Feather Party Bingo

November 14th - 1:00 PM

at the Parish Hall

We hope you can join us!


We are back to making RAVS!

If you would like to volunteer, please come and join us in the Parish Hall! No experience necessary, we are happy to train!!!


We meet on Thursday mornings from September to April. Please mark your calendars for the upcoming September and October rav making dates:

Thurs., Oct. 7 8:00 am

Thurs., Oct. 14 8:00 am

Thurs., Oct. 21 8:00 am

Thurs., Oct. 28 8:00 am

Please Note: Ravs and Tortalocci will be sold beginning SEPT. 30th AFTER 10:00 am.

Also Note that due to the price increase of ingredients, Ravs and Tortalocci will now cost $7 per bag.



Parish Retreat called Light of the World, March 10-12.

It is amazing what God can do with us if we give him a weekend.  Mark it in your calendar and see what the Lord has in store for you he will not disappoint!

(Keep watching the bulletin and this website for more details.)


Bulletin Bingo

See the insert in the bulletin to play along!!

Check your bulletins out. Find the numbers and mark your cards! Make sure you keep your Bingo card until we announce a verified winner! If any parishioner did not receive a bingo card please call the parish office. We hope you will play along with us for some guaranteed fun!

Nativity of Our Lord Church

Have you ever wondered what the images on the stain glass windows in the church represent?  Click here to find out.