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Nativity of Our Lord

Nativity of Our Lord Parish was formed on July 1, 2013 with the merger of Immaculate Conception, Sts. Peter and Paul, and St. Anthony parishes. 

Have you ever wondered what the images on the stain glass windows in the church represent?  Click on the gallery above or here to find out. 

Brief Histories of Parishes Which Formed The Nativity of Our Lord Community

Immaculate Conception

Father John Power, who was then pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Peru, Illinois, established Immaculate Conception Parish in Spring Valley.  His first mass in Spring Valley was said in 1884 on the second floor of the building at the corner of St. Paul and Greenwood Street.  Later masses were said in the Spring Valley Coal Company office on the northeast corner of St. Paul and Spalding Street.

In 1885, the first church of the Immaculate Conception was built and dedicated by Bishop Spalding.  It was a wooden structure costing $6,000.  The day was wet and to make things as pleasant as possible for the Bishop and visitors who arrived by way of the Rock Island Rail, scores of men turned out.  And under the direction of Mr. Devlin built an entire plank walk from the depot to the church in two hours. Read More...

Sts. Peter & Paul

Sts. Peter and Paul’s Parish in Spring Valley, Illinois was organized officially on September 30, 1891, for the Polish and Lithuanian Catholics of the area, who had attended the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church up to this time.

The cornerstone of the neat frame building located one-half block north of the present edifice was laid November 15, 1891.  Father Likorski was the first pastor and on August 14, 1892, the structure was dedicated.  Eventually the Lithuanians built their own church in 1897.  Read More...

St. Anthony

St. Anthony's story unveils a few years after the turn of the century when an Italian priest, the Rev. Eugene Raschiotti of Torino, Italy, came to Spring Valley to care for the spiritual well-being of his fellow Northern Italians both in Spring Valley and in the neighboring village of Dalzell, Ill.

With no church building of their own, the parishioners attended services conducted by Fr. Raschiotti in the hall of the old Immaculate Conception School Building from 1904 - 1906. Fr. Raschiotti officiated at the first recorded parish baptism on December 13, 1904.  Read More...

St. Anne

St. Anne’s Church, located on the corner of Spalding and Fourth Street, in Spring Valley, is one of the historic landmarks of the city.  The half century of its existence is a golden record of sacrifices, labors, and loyalty of the Lithuanian – speaking Catholics.


It was about 1885-1890 that the Lithuanian people began to settle in Spring Valley and the surrounding town.  The newly opened mines attracted these immigrants who were simple honest folk not afraid of hard work, in order to make a decent living. Read More...

St. Benedict (Ladd)

We are seeking information and pictures.  If you have any information please contact the Parish Office.

St. Gertrude (Seatonville)

We are seeking information and pictures.  If you have any information please contact the Parish Office.

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