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Communion Distribution

Holy Communion of Our Eucharistic Lord will be distributed to the faithful on occasion, as announced by Fr. Potthoff

Stay abreast of these opportunities to receive Holy Communion outside of Mass on this website.


Guidelines for the reception of Holy Communion outside of Mass:


Individuals should go right when entering the parking lot and continue around the back side of the church buildings in a single line.  Father will distribute Communion near the west Parish Hall door to approximately five cars at a time.


  1.  Please pray the Act of Contrition in the car on the way forward.  

  2. There should be no music but, rather, a spirit of silence in preparation for the Eucharistic Lord.

  3. Father Potthoff will lead the Our Father.

  4. He will then say the words "Behold the Lamb of God . . ."

  5. Respond with “who takes away the sins of the world”

  6. Father will then offer Holy Communion to those in the five cars.

  7. You may drive to an open area of the parking lot to make an Act of Thanksgiving.

  8. The next group of cars will pull forward.


These are unprecedented times and to receive our Eucharistic Lord is an honor and a gift.  Although this form of receiving is very unusual, a spirit of reverence and love can still be offered in this situation.  Together let us pray that our Eucharistic and Risen Lord will save us and heal our nation.

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