Mass Procedures During COVID

At this stage in the pandemic the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still dispensed by Bishop Jenky. Those who are vulnerable to infection or uncomfortable gathering in crowds are under no obligation to attend Mass. As always, those who are ill should stay home. We do not yet have in person daily Masses, but we soon will and that may be a good option for some. Furthermore, we will continue to broadcast all Masses on Facebook, the one exception may be outdoor Masses. We are learning each week, so our schedule is subject to change each week. Please visit this website regularly for the latest information.

Please Note:


Until further notice Masses will be held as follows:

  • 4:30 pm Saturday Mass will be held inside church.

  • 8:00 am Sunday Mass will be held outside church (weather permitting - otherwise inside)

  • 10:30 am Sunday Mass will be held inside church.

Direction for Inside Mass

For the inside Masses:
•    Masks are required for everyone over age 2.
•    Our seating is limited to people 85 (including the hall)
•    You may enter by the front doors, the parish hall doors or the office door.
•    Doors will be propped as you enter church.
•    Only one set of double doors at the front will be open to help keep in air conditioning.
•    We will have volunteers at each door to help seat you.
•    Hand sanitizer will be offered as you come in, and the holy water fonts will be empty. 
•    There will not be a missalette in your pew.
•    You will be offered a missalette to keep for the rest of this year which you can bring to Mass and take home with you (limit two per family).
•    There will be no procession of the gifts or sign of peace.
•    You will be ushered by pew to receive Holy Communion.
•    You are welcome to remain in your pew and make an Act of Spiritual Communion.
•    Please maintain social distancing of six feet while walking up to receive Communion.
•    After Mass, ushers will dismiss you by row, starting with those closest to the door.
•    Please do not congregate near one another in the aisles, entrances, or parking lots.
•    Bulletins will be set out for you to take after Mass (not before so they are not left behind).
•    Hand sanitizer will be available before you take a bulletin.
•    Only one person will be allowed in the restroom at a time, with the exception of young children.
•    The church will be cleaned daily and hard surfaces that are touched will be sanitized after every Mass.


Directions for Mass Outside

Mass will always be weather permitting

•    Once you enter the driveway turn right and follow the signs (slowly) around the back of the church. 
•    Ushers will help you park in every other parking stall.
•    You can either remain in your vehicle or set lawn chairs near your vehicle, while maintaining a distance of six feet between all those around you (or your family).
•    Choice of parking spot will not be possible.
•    At Holy Communion those distributing Holy Communion will come to you.
•    Please make every effort not to touch the hand of the person distributing Communion.
•    Vehicles will be dismissed by ushers. 

Please be patient both inside and outside since we are all learning. Even with all our precaution there is still a higher risk of contracting COVID19 at church, and by choosing to come you are taking that risk upon yourself. Please prayerfully consider if and how you choose to attend and pray at Mass at this time.

Holy Communion will continue to be offered for 30 minutes after ALL (Daily and weekend) Masses near the Parish Hall entrance.

Guidelines for the reception of Holy Communion outside of Mass